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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~♥are u in love with someone..;)~♥


~insyaallah.. ~

~really love this poem~

~♥are u in love with someone..;)~♥
when u are together with that special someone
you pretend to ignore that person...
but when that special someone is not around,
you might look around to find them..
♥at that moment you are in love♥
although there is someone else
who always makes u laugh
your eyes and attention,
might go only to that special someone.
♥then u are in love♥
although that special someone
was supposed to have called
you long back, to let u know
of their safe arrival,
your phone is quiet.
you desperately waiting for the call,
♥at that moment you are in love♥
if u are much more excited for one short email,
from that special someone than 
other many long emails,
 ♥then u are in love♥
when u find yourself as one who
cannot erase all the messages
in your answering machines
because of one message 
from that special someone,
♥u are in love♥
when u gets a couple of free movie tickets
you would not hesitate to think
of that special someone
♥then u are in love♥
you keep telling yourself,
"that special someone is just a friend"
but you realize that u cannot avoid..

that person's special attraction..
♥at that moment you are in love♥
while u are reading this page..
if someone appears in your mind..
then u are in love with that person..;)

~no comment..~
  • actually aku post ni sbb..aku rsa...aku pn cmto...

    • keh3...
    • really confius..aku tkt tok ska owg daa...
    • mengenali sasuke ckup mmbuatkan aku keciwa dgn lelaki...
    • sasuke3...hati..perasaan mmg xbley pksa kn...
    • tp aku rsa aku daa mula ska someone neyh..but..aku xrsa dy ska aku..
    • hahahahahahhaha...
    • cri msalah btol laaa aku neyh kan..;)
    • ntah laaa sometimes..dy cm okey dgn aku...
    • sometimes dy x...sometimes dy ckp..somtimes x...
    • mmg gilerrr arrrr..apa perasaan dy kn klu dy taw aku ska dy..???
    • huh...mst dy kata aku neyh xbtol ka..??hahhahha...
    • hebat mn pn aku ska dy...xbley lwan hebatnya sasuke dimata aku..;)
    • mayb dy bley jd pngganti sasuke..???mayb..???who know..;)
    • keh3...
    • ishk3..apa laaa aku dok mngarut neyh...hahahhahahahaha...
    • apa2 pn..aku igt pesan my mum..my mum said that kita bkn ada rupa sgt pn..(mksudnya bkn laa lwa..cntik sgt pn) but biarlah owg nmpak kta mahal dgn ilmu..kerjaya di msa depan..
    • mum..thanx a lot...insyallah..i will remember it smpai bila2..;)
    • ~study first..!!!!!!!!!!~


  1. are you in love with someone?
    -yes i am =p
    sorry tergedik kat sini haha =p

  2. heedgags : huhu...i think i know that person..keh3..;)

    dylla : yea..that right..;)